Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Update

Life has been a bit crazy lately. We got moved into the house. Everything looks great. The chimney got fixed, Jeff has started some of his touch-up projects, and we got decorated for Christmas. I've still got one box that is only halfway unpacked, but that's better than what I normally am at this point! It helps that we are having people over so I feel like I have to get it presentable!

Our plans for Christmas are church tonight and Jeff's family Christmas Eve party. His mother and Ray are spending the night. Ray has to leave early and go to work. We're going to Cullman to see my folks for lunch, then to Center Point to do his big family thing for dinner. The weekend will be quiet because Saturday Jeff and I are both grounded. We're not going anywhere or doing anything except spending the day being lazy together! Then Monday my extended family is coming to see the house and we're all going to Cullman to do the family get-together.

One thing I have noticed about Alabaster (especially in a very family-friendly neighborhood) is that Christmas is HUGE around here. Santa will even be riding around town and stopping in a lot of neighborhoods. He will be stopping about three houses up from us, so we can probably stand on the front porch and watch. The quoted time is 7pm and we should be home by then, so I may have to check it out!

The house has been taking up a lot of my energy and brain cells, but I think we are finally to a point where we can sit back and enjoy it. There is plenty that still needs to be done, but that is always going to be the case with a house! I think that is the biggest difference between owning and renting - everything is my problem now, and more importantly I CARE!

The dogs are good. They have adjusted well to the change of location and like their new home. Patches loves getting to run up and down the stairs whenever he wants. Cocoa seems a little unsure of things occasionally (I think she gets lost!) but seems to like having new hiding places.

We will have an open house sometime in the spring (once Jeff decides he is done with the outside) but you're welcome to come see the house sooner if you want!

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