Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 58

Time to check in once again with my 101 things list. Nothing can be crossed off, but progress is being made. I didn't realize how much "buying" or "getting" was on here!

3 - "put money in savings" - we're working really hard on this and were making good progress, before the purchase of a new vehicle put a little dent into things. (That's another post for another day) Still, I'm very confident that, by the end of this project, this will be complete (and stable!)

11 - "china cabinet" - we're going to try to go look at Ashley next month and then make a decision.

19 - "journal" - I've got a new sort of coloring devotional journal that I'm looking forward to exploring. I also bought myself a "regular" journal and have found some interesting prompts to use as some guidance.

35 - "painted pottery" - I'm not quite as keen on doing this one any more, but I'm not going to take it off the list. I have taken a craft class and started doing some beaded embroidery and that sort of scratches this itch, but more about that later.

49 - "cake from scratch" - this one may take place in stages. I've got a recipe for a home-made cake mix so I may make the mix one day and the cake another. I'll still count it because it's not a store-bought mix. Who knows, maybe I'll just get on a roll and do it all at once!

60 - "rewrite M.Div thesis" - I'm not to the re-writing point but I am starting some of the reconsidering and expanding ideas.

74 - "ceiling fan on porch" - we're halfway there! The old one came down, now a new one just needs to go up!

81 - "counselor" - I've already expressed interest to Allison, the director, so now I just have to actually go do it. Hooray!

Good things are happening. Now to keep the ball rolling!

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