Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

I haven't really done resolutions in the past. Last year I had my hands full with my 101 things list and I'm not about to undertake anything like that again anytime soon. I thought about doing a list of 13 things I wanted to do this year, but instead, I decided to use the model from Mama & Baby Love. She has a neat printable with these five categories if you are so inclined to use these and want to print and display them.

So without further ado, here are my resolutions for this year.

Physical Health: Run a 5K - Really, I'd like to make running a part of my regular life and routine, but I am also aware that there are enough options for things that are good for me that if I really hate this, I can find something else. I think training for and then running a 5k will be a good, realistic way to figure that out.

Mental Health: Read more - Specifically, read more books that are both interesting to me and educational. I do miss the learning that took place when I was in school and while a lot of learning is still happening around the Academy for Spiritual Formation, I am really craving more! I'd especially like to do some more reading in history, sociology, and maybe a little bit of process theology or systems theory.

Emotional Health: "Get away" one weekend a month - I know we don't have the time or money to go somewhere every month, but we do have the means to spend 24 hours focused on time together each month. I hope this also includes going to the lake more and also just spending time together talking and not being distracted by all the stuff that always needs to be done!

Spiritual Health: Find a church home - More than simply attending church regularly, I want to find us a place to plug in and build relationships. While the time away as a part of my "Season of Sabbath" has been incredibly important and healing, now I'm ready to really find a place for both myself and Jeff, and hopefully someday our future children.

Financial Health: Life Insurance - We are, for the most part, in a good place in terms of not having a ton of debt, having some savings, and even having some retirement. The one thing we don't have yet is life insurance. It was on the "when we have kids" list of things to do, but it's important and needs to be done no matter what.

I'm all for help and support in all of these areas so if you have any great ideas or simply words of support, I'd love to hear them! Here's to the best year yet!

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