Friday, October 9, 2009

Spaghetti x 100

We had our semi-annual UMW spaghetti dinner at the church today. Usually they do a supper where most everyone eats in at the church. Last time they did a few lunch carry-outs so they decided to do that again. Well, we got so many lunch orders that we had to just do carry out lunches as the whole thing. There was a bit of skepticism about how well it would go or how much business we would do, but we sold over 100 plates and had tons of cake left over so all of us that worked got extras!

It was interesting trying to serve that much food in only about two hours with only 5 of us working. But we got it done and really had a good time doing it. We also learned how to streamline the process for next time. I'm still wearing quite a bit of spaghetti and resisting the urge to eat another piece of cake, but after a nap I fell pretty good about the whole thing!

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