Monday, November 9, 2009


I have been a slacker about a lot of things lately. I can always find SOMETHING to blame my slacker-ness on, which in the end only makes me more of one in the responsibility category. Let's start closest to home, shall we?

I have not been taking care of myself like I should. I am not eating well (and usually not on a regular schedule either!), getting out in the sunshine to walk, or any of a number of other things I know I should be doing. The one  thing I am doing more of is sleeping. On the one hand it's good because it's at normal hours. On the other hand it's not because, well, I'm not doing anything else!

I have not been the domestic diva I know I could be. I'm not cleaning the condo nearly as regularly as I should, I've all but given up on cooking, and errands really aren't getting done in a timely manner either. Again, I have plenty of excuses but the bottom line is, stuff just isn't getting done.

I have not been nearly as much of a go-getter about work. I'm still doing my job, but I'm definitely not doing the quality of work that I normally do or that I am happy with. Again, I'm full of excuses but it doesn't change anything. Thankfully I think I am bouncing back on this one!

I have not been nearly as good about getting my commissioning stuff done as I should have been. It's now one week from the due date and I'm still not done. I'm getting pretty close to being done, but I'm not there yet. I keep telling myself it's no big deal, I used to do this in school all the time and a week will be more that enough time, but I have a lot more distractions now (which is why I've slacked off this much up until now!) I know it'll get done, I just hope I'm happy with it!

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