Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving to Go

For our first major holiday as husband and wife, Jeff and I will be hitting the road. And not just us, but also his parents and grandparents so it will be a small family get together, just relocated.

We didn't set out to travel for Thanksgiving or any other holiday. But right after we got engaged we bought this vacation package thinking we may use it to go to Hawaii or something for our honeymoon. Well, we decided against that and were left with this vacation voucher that will expire the end of this year. Jeff's grandmother had mentioned how much fun it would be to swim with the dolphins after we went the first time and she has been all kinds of adventurous in the past couple of years. Since his grandparents are incredibly hard to shop for, we decided that taking them on vacation would be a good gift for them!

The plan right now is to drive down on Saturday, go to Sea World on Sunday, and do the Discovery Cove thing on Monday. Tuesday will be another day at Sea World and then I think Wednesday we may try to lay low and go to the outlets, maybe go back to Sea World if we feel like it. Thursday we don't have any plans except to watch the parade on TV and eat. An afternoon nap will probably also take place! There's always the possibility of shopping or Sea World, but nothing is planned. Friday we will definitely go back to Sea World, then next Saturday drive back.

I am pretty well packed. I will double check everything probably tomorrow and make sure I have what I want to take as far as clothes. I've been to the grocery store and have some snacks and whatnot. I need to go pick up a few frozen casseroles, but my biggest challenge at this point will be roasting the turkey and making the macaroni and cheese and getting them packed up. I have some green beans and rolls that will just need to be heated. I'm going to pick up ham, sweet potatoes, and a pie tomorrow. Mamaw is making dressing and a cranberry mold. I also have some wine, so all we will need is some tea once we get down there.

I'm so excited about getting away! I have been resisting the urge to download the iTunes season pass for Grey's Anatomy, and I have missed several episodes so far, so I am finally going to download them all and watch them in the car. Saturday morning can't get here quickly enough!

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