Saturday, July 21, 2012

Camp Sumatanga 2012

This summer, I got to go back to one of my favorite places in the world - Camp Sumatanga. I was an Assistant Director (AD) for Elementary 2 and Junior High 4. Our theme for this year was "Just Add Water" and it was awesome. I'm not going to lie - I like the comfort and convenience of staying in the lodge at Elementary camp. However, I love the worship/programs and food at Junior High. I met some amazing people and made some great new friends. I got to spend some great quality time with old friends, as well. I got a new, glittered, name tag. I learned some new songs and experienced communion in a new way.

The food was pretty terrible at elementary camp but it was much better at junior high. I got eaten up with bug bites at junior high, got my first ever rock-bite and a small patch of poison something-or-other. I also forgot some things and I'll have to make an unplanned trip back up there to get them if a friend can't grab them for me.

All things considered it's been a great summer and I'm already getting excited about next year!

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