Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week 81

Time to check in with my 101 things list.

22 - Vacation with my side - We're finally doing some planning. We won't get to go until next spring/summer but at least it looks like it is finally going to happen!
26 - Read 3 classic novels - Does Harry Potter count? I finally finished book 5 and am about halfway done with book 6. That's really the only reading I care about doing right now.
38 - No Fried Food - I've sort of done this because, as I previously stated, except for chips I didn't have any fried food while at camp and since I was there for two weeks, I can pretty much count this as done.
47 - New Sheets - I'll probably do this for my birthday in a few weeks. Exciting, I know.
49 - Bake a cake - COMPLETED - I made a chocolate pound cake and took it to camp to share with two of my all-time favorite nurses. They were nice enough to share a piece with me. It was a little under-done, but personally that's exactly how I like it.
61 - New Madame Alexander Doll - Another birthday option.

Not terribly exciting, but it's my life right now. Consider yourself updated!

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