Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Solo Travels

I am now planning for my first "business trip". I've been to several meetings, workshops, and seminars as a part of school and now that I've got my big-girl job, but they've all been day trips. In November I'll take my first major overnight trip. And the exciting/frightening thing is that I will be doing it totally alone. I will not be traveling with anyone and I don't know anyone who is planning to be at this seminar. It will be in Chattanooga so it won't be totally foreign territory, but it will be exotic enough to be a little adventure! 

Jeff went to the beach with his family this weekend and since I had to work on Sunday I didn't get to go. Because of that, I'm thinking about taking a little vacation on my own in the spring. I have a few ideas in mind.

#1 - go down to Orlando to meet up with Kath and Stu. I would probably end up driving because it would be much cheaper than flying. At first the idea of an 8 hour drive on my own was somewhat intimidating, but I've done it before and it was actually kind of fun. Plus, Jeff isn't much fun at theme parks anyway so I wouldn't feel guilty about riding stuff and just leaving him standing outside.

#2 - go to Nashville for a few days. I would probably still spend the money on a hotel rather than staying with friends (even though I know it would be cheaper!) I don't have anything in particular that I would want to do while I'm there, just hang out. Oh, and go eat at the Loveless Cafe! It would be nice to spend time with my TN friends but it wouldn't exactly feel like I was all alone in a strange city or that I have to be with people the whole time either. 

#3 - someplace else I haven't thought out the details for! Suggestions are welcome

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