Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Southern Women's Show

I went to the Southern Women's Show in Birmingham on Thursday. I never thought much about anything like this until I went to my first race expo and had a really good time. Then I went to a bridal show and had a good time with that. So I have been really looking forward to this for several months.

I was up bright and early Thursday morning. At first I was a little hesitant to go early because I had worked a health and fitness expo while I was in college and I remember even right around opening time, there weren't many people and a lot of the exhibits were still being set up. But when I had to hunt for a parking spot for almost 15 minutes and saw the line to buy tickets, I decided early was better! 

It was really nice. It wasn't super crowded and after I got in I never really had to stand in line for anything. There was a lot of shopping, which I looked at but didn't really buy anything. I spent over five hours just walking around, so I saw just about everything. I enjoyed lots of food samples, watched a cooking demo, listened to a seminar about using coupons, and had a fantastic time!

Of course, I also came home with some giveaways - a tiny jar of mayo, several packets of seasoning, a pen, two re-useable shopping bags, a koozie, a jar gripper, a magnetic clip, a tea towel, several balloons and buttons, a calendar, two nail files, a bracelet, and I'm sure some other things. 

I did buy a few things - the first thing I got was a little ceramic plate that has tiny teeth on it for grating garlic or nutmeg or whatever without cutting yourself (because it's not metal blades). Yes, I already have a little microplane and I usually buy garlic in a jar, but I really wanted one of these. I first saw it on the show "Pitchmen" and thought it was really cool. I also got a cannister of pepper spray because I didn't have any (although I did get the pink keychain holder for it). I also got a new set of sheets for our bed. They are very soft and comfy, but the biggest thing that appealed to me was the fact that it came with four pillowcases instead of just two! Plus, they threw in a free pillow so I feel like I got a really good deal. 

I really would love to go back tomorrow for a few hours, but I doubt Jeff will go for it. We'll see though! 

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