Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Five - Perks of Ministry

Today's Friday Five invites us to share some of our favorite gifts and perks of ministry. I initially had a hard time trying to come up with five things because I am engaged in different forms of ministry and they have different perks that may or may not translate to all of my life. But I decided that perks are still perks even if they aren't universal and it's worth celebrating the things I love about the different parts of ministry I do.

Flexible Schedule - I do love the flexibility that comes with the church work. As long as I can be there on Sunday, I can generally work around other stuff. I don't have that kind of flexibility working at the hospital, but I do have a little bit. We don't have to clock in and out, so if we need to come in early and leave early or be a little late one day and work a few extra hours another day, that's something we can do. It's been nice and very helpful, especially with the stuff I have going on at home.

Colleagues - I have all kinds of wonderful colleagues in ministry that I adore. Some of them are more like me than others, but all of them are very valuable. I love being able to share thoughts, share resources, share experiences, and to learn from one another.

Creativity - One of my favorite gifts/perks of ministry (especially the worship leadership part) is the ability to be creative and encourage the creativity of others. I love taking "normal" things and using them or sharing them in new and unexpected ways. I love incorporating all the senses and inviting everyone into the whole experience.

Relationship - I love being invited to share in relationship with so many people. I love sharing the various parts of their lives - joys and sorrows, celebrations and pain. I love the stories I get to hear and the adventures I get to see and participate in!

Learning - I love that, as I engage in different aspects of my ministry, I am constantly learning new things. Sometimes about the practice of ministry, sometimes about history, sometimes about theology, and sometimes about me! The reading, the exploring, the talking, and the listening are probably the greatest gift I could ever receive!

Self Care for the Week: 1) Therapy on Tuesday, 2) A New Coloring Book, 3) Cooking one of my favorite foods just for me


  1. Sandy,thanks for sharing your five "perks." Learning and Creativity didn't make it on my list, but are certainly some things I deeply value about life as a pastor. (And I love that you bought (or will buy?) a new coloring book as self care for the week.) ~Joanna

  2. Love that you have included creativity, I need to be more creative!