Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 4

I really haven't made much more progress on my list.

Getting to bed before midnight kind of got blown to heck when I was on call last time. I sort of tried to go to bed the first time about 11:30. The second time was about 12:10. The third time was at about 5:00 am. I ACTUALLY got a decent amount of sleep around 9:45 am. Oh well. I'll try again another month when I don't have to do overnight call!

I did make stuffed shells, so that was another new recipe. I still have some new ones to try including pork carnitas, chicken tetrazzini, buffalo chicken pasta, beef stew, parmesan pork cutlets, and garlic chicken. Obviously this will put me over my goal of six once I actually make them!

I think I'm going to try baking a cake near the end of the month. I'm currently taking suggestions. I'm kind of thinking spice cake with cream cheese icing, but we'll see.

I'm working on the possibility of my limo ride sometime this spring.

There is a ballet in two weeks that I want to go see. I'm looking into tickets. Anyone want to go with me?

In the not so distant future, I want to make my way over to the Alabaster library to #1 get a library card (that probably should have made the list!) and see if they have the Harry Potter audiobook.

Still no cuss jar, but I have noticed that I'm not cussing as much because I'm thinking about it. Still, I need to get the jars.

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