Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week 24

Once again, it's time to check in and see how my list of 101 things is going.

Honestly, I haven't done a ton in the past couple of weeks. It hasn't really been on my mind as much. Maybe because I'm starting to get a little worn out with it and maybe because this is getting to be harder than I thought. For the most part, I'm still enjoying it but it's frustrating to see some of the big things on there that I can't really do anything about right now.

15 - still no real progress, but there is a new development! I found out that there's a yoga class at a church not far from our house. The down side is that it meets on Tuesdays, so perhaps once CPE is over I can actually give it a shot!

34 - I wouldn't say I've actually attended a cooking class yet, but I have attended one demo (and I'm going to another this weekend) and found out about some classes that are available that aren't too crazy expensive, so that's exciting on that front!

36 - Halfway there! I went one total week and I've been splurging a bit. Starting Sunday I'm going to try to knock out the second week so I can cross that one off the list. It really wasn't that hard until about day 4, then it got to be almost too much!

41 - I'm crossing my fingers I can get this one done this week! I have all the CDs pulled out, now I just have to actually take them and get the pictures printed!

78 - COMPLETED! Yes, I did actually accomplish something! I had a lovely girl's night out with my friend Tyler last night. It really was great to get to catch up and I'm thrilled that she and her husband are living here now so we can hang out more often!

So there you have it. The last two weeks of my slacking and still managing to cross something off the list. I just wish it were all that easy!

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