Saturday, September 3, 2011

Escape Day Spa

I know this isn't my "normal" thing (or as close to "normal" as I usually get) but I couldn't resist the temptation to share this little jewel that has become a part of my life.

I didn't even know this place existed. In my google searches for day spas, it just never popped up, or if it did it never registered on my radar. It's relatively new (only been open about 10 months). Thankfully, my darling baby brother discovered it for me and got me a gift certificate for my birthday. He warned me that it was a small place and was easy to miss. It really wasn't hard to find at all, and it had a really peaceful charm to it.

I decided to supplement the gift certificate a bit and treat myself to a 90 minute hot stone massage. This might be the single greatest treat I can give to myself, I love it so. It was a tough call, especially in reviewing their menu of services and finding out I could get a private yoga session. Still, the massage won out for this one. I mean, do you blame me? I made my appointment about two weeks in advance, but about three days before my scheduled appointment, I discovered I had scheduled it post-call and I wanted to be able to enjoy it so I re-scheduled for later in the week.

Well, somewhere along the way in the process of re-scheduling, there was a little glitch. I had it down as 3pm, but they had it in their computer as 5. I had a meeting at 6:15 so obviously that wasn't going to work and I was afraid I'd have to flake out on my evening commitment or at least be charged a fee to re-schedule so late. Thankfully, they were SO sweet about it and bent over backwards to not only get me another appointment, but to make sure I didn't have to wait a week and a half for that other appointment. There are not words for how much I appreciated this level of customer service and how excited I was to go back. I mean seriously, if they pay this much attention to the "front of house", I could only imagine the care that goes into the treatments!

So the much-anticipated appointment arrived and OH. MY. WORD. I got absolutely, without a doubt, the best massage I have ever gotten in my life. So stinking awesome. There just plain aren't words to describe the bliss that was that hour and a half of my life.

I will absolutely be returning, there's no question about that! The only hard decision I have to make is what service I want next! So yeah, I highly recommend them. Give them a call or even book an appointment online. You'll be so glad you did!

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