Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook Reflections

*Disclaimer* These are strictly my opinions. I'm being brutally honest today. If you are feeling especially sensitive right now, you can stop reading here. Have a nice day!

Admittedly, with some of my down time I have been spending far too much time online doing absolutely nothing of substance. This has included spending a little time on Facebook.

Now, I love facebook as much as the next person. I remember when it was brand new and just for college students. I have enjoyed being able to keep up with friends from all over the place. It has made communicating with friends and family members a little easier at times. It is an excellent way to waste some time. But it's just a website.

Now, I'm not a person who likes a whole lot of change. I like stability and predictability, probably more than an average person. But a few changes on a website will not throw my world into chaos. And to be perfectly honest, were it not for the extreme reactions of so many people, I don't know that I would have noticed or cared. Because guess what people? Stuff changes! Websites get updated! It's part of life.

I'm not normally one to post just for the sake of posting, but I decided that my status needed to be updated today, and so I posted:
"Seriously folks? It's a website. If you don't like the way it is set up, you don't have to spend all day staring at it!"

Most of the folks who responded responded positively, which I kind of expected. I really wasn't seeking responses, but I was glad to have them. I didn't respond to every comment I got, but I did notice a few themes in the posts of many people today (not just in response to my status update) and I'd like to respond to a few of those.

Privacy Concerns: I noticed several people complaining about privacy stuff, that they didn't want everyone knowing what they were doing.
Umm, if you don't want the world to be able to see it, maybe you shouldn't be posting it on the internet! If you don't want people to know you are visiting a particular website, maybe you shouldn't be there! If you're worried about who might see something, maybe you shouldn't be throwing it out there in the first place!

Extra Buttons: I noticed some people complaining that the "quick response" boxes weren't as available anymore and you had to actually click an extra button to get a box.
I say this not to be mean, but if you're so lazy that one extra click is a strain or a burden for you, it might be time to turn off the computer and go for a walk outside or even just read a real book!

News Feed: There were lots and lots of complaints about the way the new news feed is done, especially because not everything pops up exactly in the order that it might have happened.
Again, I'm not trying to be hateful or judgmental, but if you have nothing better to do than sit and watch a second by second update of what's going on with people you probably haven't had a real conversation with in at least six months, it might be time to make some new friends or get some new hobbies. If you need something to do with your day, I know of lots of great organizations that are always looking for volunteers to help out and would love to help you come up with something to occupy your time!

If you have any other complaints that I did not respond to, I will be happy to address them. And in case you feel like yelling at me for my opinions here, go ahead, but I would like to issue a friendly remind that this is MY blog. I'm not writing this because I am seeking anyone's approval. I'm doing it because it is a way of expressing myself. If you don't like what I have to say just click away. Nobody is forcing this on you. Just like nobody is forcing you to spend hours on Facebook or any other website full of fluff.

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