Saturday, May 12, 2012

"From Your Freezer to Your Family" E-Cookbook

If you have been paying attention lately, I have been singing the praises of Stephanie from Mama and Baby Love. I first discovered her blog thanks to Pinterest and her original post about freezer cooking only using slow cooker recipes and I kind of fell in love with her. She is a rock star in about a million different ways and she has sort of become my new P-dub! Her writing touches something in my heart and soul and I hope someday I can meet her "for real."

Recently, she published an e-cookbook with lots of her great slow cooker freezer meals. I purchased my copy immediately and I'm super-excited about finally trying some of these great recipes, especially the barbeque chicken. As if I wasn't enough in love with her and her stuff, she goes the extra mile to include grocery lists and printable labels for each of the recipes (and we all know how much I love organizing, lists, labels, and printables!

One thing that characterizes her recipes, and that she explains really well in the introduction to the cookbook, is the use of "real food." This is a very new concept for me since pretty much every meal I have consumed most of my life included at least one element that was processed. I am trying to baby step my way into some of this, and her recipes are a great introduction to this idea in a way that seems very approachable and pretty darn easy!

Right now you can get her e-cookbook for only $5.99. The price will be going up in a few weeks, so I would recommend getting it now! If you still need a last minute Mother's Day gift, this would be a great solution - you could put together a cute little basket with a new slow cooker (or even a cute serving bowl), a pot of fresh herbs, a couple of wooden spoons, and some cute towels.

You can get the book by clicking the new button on my sidebar (can I just say buttons excite me more than they probably should!) or by clicking here to visit Mama And Baby Love.

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