Wednesday, January 5, 2011

101 in 101

I am totally borrowing this great idea from Mary Beth but tweaking it a little. The original idea was to make a list of 101 things you want to do in 1,001 days. Well, I decided that I would make the list of 101 things, but my goal will be to do it in 101 weeks. This was actually much harder than I thought it would be.

X Have a child
X Pay off our credit cards (completed)
3. Put enough money to live on for one year into savings
X Get commissioned
X Go to the beach (completed)
X Give away all the clothes I haven't worn in a year (completed)
X Get a massage (completed)
X Replace our oven (completed)
X Redo the countertops and backsplash in the kitchen (completed)
X Finish the basement (completed)
X Buy a china cabinet (completed)
X Go to the lake (completed)
X Ride in a limo (completed)
14. Visit 4 new states
X Take a dance or yoga class (modified) (completed)
X Go to an Auburn football game (completed)
X Go see a musical (completed)
X Attend a worship service where I don't have to have any sort of leadership role (modified) - (completed)
19. Keep a prayer/devotional journal for 6 months
20. Get a marker for Jeff's dad's grave
21. Knit a blanket
22. Take a vacation with my side of the family
23. Actually use my boating license
X Write a real letter to someone just to let them know I'm thinking of them (completed)
X Write a will
26. Read 3 classic novels
X Have Jeff teach me to use AutoCAD (completed)
28. Teach Jeff to play a song on the piano (modified)
X Go away on retreat (completed)
X Go to bed before midnight every day for a month (completed)
X Have family portraits made (completed)
32. Eat at home every night/ don't go out for two weeks (modified)
X Institute a cuss jar (completed)
X Take a cooking class (completed)
35. Make something at one of those "painted pottery" places
X Go without chocolate for 1 week (modified) (completed)
X Go without the computer for one week (completed)
38. No fried food for 2 weeks
X Donate, throw out, or recycle 1 box of stuff I don't need. (completed)
X Give away 1 box of books (completed)
X Update our family photo album (modified) (completed)
X Take Jeff on a surprise trip (completed)
X Get a pedicure just for the heck of it (completed)
X Let Jeff do the grocery shopping and don't say anything but "thank you" (completed)
X Have friends over for a cookout (modified) (completed)
X Try six recipes I've never made before (completed)
47. Get two more sets of good sheets
48. Walk 4 miles a week for a month
X Bake a cake from scratch (completed)
X Practice 3 new spiritual disciplines for at least one week each (completed)
X Make 2 new friends (completed)
X Buy an outfit that makes me feel fabulous (completed)
X Learn to use a power tool (completed)
54. Make a piece of artwork with my old CPE post-its
55. Make a needlepoint picture
56. Have a picnic in the park
57. Learn to quilt
58. Use the good china for no reason
X Learn to play chess (completed)
60. Begin re-writing my M.Div thesis incorporating research on process theology
61. Get a new Madame Alexander doll for my collection
62. Get all my stuff out of the storage unit in Cullman
X Go to a BSC sporting event (completed)
X Go back to a Boards and Agencies Dinner - I don't know how this got marked as completed earlier, but it isn't!
X Re-plant my herb garden (completed)
X Plant another rose bush to replace the one Patches ate (completed)
67. Learn to care for and shoot a gun
X Read the next "Miss Julia" book (completed)
X Video tape at least six sermons
X Go without wearing flip flops for two weeks (completed)
X Move the computer out of the bedroom (completed)
72. Go to the zoo
X Set up a permanent craft space (completed)
X Replace the ceiling fan on the back porch (completed)
X Move the office supplies out of the closet (completed)
76. Get a good rug for the living room
X Play in the rain (completed)
X Have a girls night out (completed)
X Have a breakfast date with Jeff (completed)
X Go to a movie (completed)
X Be a counselor at Sumatanga (completed)
X Find a job as a chaplain (even if just PRN) (completed)
X Begin APC board certification process
X Begin seriously looking at D.Min programs (completed)
X Get Jeff back to school
X Have dinner at the Melting Pot (completed)
X Go to the symphony (completed)
88. Go see a ballet
89. Bake bread
90. Get my box of wine glasses back from Lillian
X Get a dutch oven
X. Clean out my nightstand (completed)
93. Get a wide format printer for Jeff's drawings
X Take a spontaneous trip (completed)
X Go 3 days without checking e-mail (completed)
X Give away something I feel an attachment towards (completed)
X. Ask someone for exactly what I want (completed)
X Do something nice for myself for my birthday (completed)
X Learn to make Key Lime Pie (completed)
X Read the first Harry Potter book (or listen to it on CD) (completed)
101. Learn to make jam

So there you have it! 101 things I want to do in the next 101 weeks! I'll try to remember to do weekly updates to let everyone know how it's going.

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  1. Oh, Dear.
    You are lovely. I love #47. Wow..what a simple thing that can improve every night's dreams!
    <3 you.