Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer

I received this product free for testing from Influenster

When I got this product to test out in my VoxBox I wasn't quite sure what to think about it. Here is the description that came in the box:

New Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Total Moisture is a continuous spray lotion that moisturizes and absorbs in seconds, and leaves skin feeling instantly soft - not sticky or greasy. Now you won't have to wait for your lotion to absorb before pulling on those skinny jeans! $7.99 for 6.5 ounce can

Clearly, I am not a part of the target market for this particular product! I have used spray on sunscreen for several years and absolutely prefer it, but the idea of "regular" lotion in spray form doesn't especially appeal to me, probably because I'm normally applying it right before bed and don't want to be spraying it on my sheets! In reading the directions on the back of the can, I noticed that you are still told to rub it in after you spray it on. To me that seems to sort of defeat the purpose. Still, despite my cynicism, I decided to try and keep an open mind.

I first decided to try it on my arm. The button on the top of the can was pretty hard to push, which meant that I didn't get the easy, steady stream you should get. Instead I got several little blobs so obviously I didn't have much choice, I had to rub it in. It absorbed pretty quickly  and felt pretty good on. I applied it first to only one arm and I could feel a slight difference between that arm and the arm without lotion, but nothing huge.

I was actually kind of surprised to find how much I enjoyed the scent of it. Although it doesn't advertise a particular scent, I noticed that there is "fragrance" listed with the ingredients. It's something light and a little flowery, kind of springy, but I don't know that it would clash with the fragrances I normally use in shower gel or body spray which is good.

I did see my first commercial for this product, and I doubt I would have noticed had I not recently received this. I will say that the commercial was probably one of the dumbest I have ever seen and had I not already known I at least like the way the product smells, that would have been enough to make me say "Nope, that's ridiculous! Not even going to think about buying it."

I tried it again another night on my legs after I shaved. While I was more successful in spraying an actual line, I still wasn't impressed. After I sprayed it on and rubbed it in, I still felt like it wasn't quite enough. The place I use lotion the most is on my feet. I'm not an especially prissy person so I don't get into different lotions for different parts of my body (except my face). This lotion was NOT designed for that! I tried to rub some that was left on my hands onto my feet, but after a few minutes it clearly wasn't enough and I ended up using some more of my regular lotion on my feet.

I'm sure I'll use all of this can, although I will not pretend to know how quickly! I seriously doubt that it's something I would buy again, especially without it being on sale or having some kind of coupon, but maybe my opinion will change over time.

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  1. I saw the commercial for this stuff and thought it was strange too. I only use spray SPF on my head! hehe! My hair is so blonde and thin that I have to spray sun screen on my head to protect my scalp. Other than that, I want nothing to do with spray on lotion. It's just weird! :P