Monday, August 24, 2009


Today I made a big step in my attempts at being a domestic diva. I took on the challenge of baking bread. 

I have never made bread before that I can remember. I have made pizza crust from a mix or biscuits from a can, but I've never done bread. I got a recipe from a lady at school and today I finally tried it out.

I was actually really scared. It's not like I've never screwed up something I've tried to make, especially the first time around, but I knew that if I screwed this up I know Jeff would never let me forget it. Apparently his aunt (who is an AMAZING baker) had some trouble the first time she tried to make bread for her husband right after they were married. She probably killed the yeast or something but she spent all day in the kitchen and yet her bread came out very very flat and just not right. And she has never heard the end of it. And Jeff has kept reminding me of this since before we got married whenever I talked about making bread. 

It took a good chunk of my day to make. I probably spent almost an hour putting everything together (I imagine it will go faster in the future as I learn what I'm doing). Then it had to rise for an hour. Then I had to beat it down and divide it which probably took 15 - 20 minutes then it had to rise another 40 minutes. Then it had to bake for about 30 minutes.

But when it was all done I was SOOO excited because it came out fabulous! The recipe was for two loaves but I couldn't find my second loaf pan (I don't even remember if I have a second loaf pan!) so I divided the second loaf into rolls. I had to keep an eye on them so they didn't burn because they didn't take as long to bake, but they came out great. I ate several of them with a little bit of butter right out of the oven and they were quite tasty.

Next baking adventure - pound cake and orange rolls

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