Sunday, January 22, 2012

Being a Do-er

In the past few days I got the urge to actually try a bunch of the stuff I have found on pinterest. I knew I needed to go to the grocery store this afternoon, so I picked up a few extra goodies.

I started with Japanese Onion Soup. I think I put a little too much pepper in it but it was quite tasty. I was proud of myself! I ended up putting a lot of it into my new silicone ice trays so I can keep it stashed in the freezer for whenever I get the craving for a bowl of soup!

I then moved on to dry mixes for cream-of-whatever soup (I did chicken this time), ranch dressing, and italian dressing. I haven't tried mixing any up yet, but they are safely tucked away in the pantry waiting to be tried out.

Finally, I decided we needed a little sweet treat. I decided to try some cake-mix cookies. Even though I already had spice cake mix in the pantry, the picture on pinterest was of strawberry cookies and so that's what I got in my head and that's what I wanted. I threw together the cookies very quickly and they were absolutely awesome. I got some vanilla glaze to go on them, but decided maybe I'd just make little cookie sandwiches with my cream cheese icing. I haven't made it that far, but I'm keeping that one as a possibility (if I can keep two cookies long enough to try it!)

It was so much fun to get back in the kitchen and be really productive! I'm really getting into making more stuff on my own so I don't have to use as much canned stuff. It was nice to fantasize about clearing out a lot of room in my pantry! The only down side is that I'll need a much bigger freezer to store it all!

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