Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 55

I keep putting off doing an update about my 101 things because I wanted to wait until I had something else I could cross off the list. Well, I started writing this update on progress, but then got a great last-minute surprise and was able to cross something off the list~

87 - COMPLETED - Jeff got us tickets to go see Marvin Hamlisch with the Alabama Symphony on Saturday. I've got to say, I miss my days of student tickets for $10! Still, it was great. We had a wonderful time!

The rest of these are still in process, but there is some active work taking place! I'm not being a total slacker on all this stuff!

3 - This one is going really well. Thanks to our new budget, I think we'll have this one completed by summer!

11 - We found one we both really like at Macy's here, and it's on sale so it's within what we thought we would spend. The problem is that our "home improvement funds" are mostly going towards getting the house painted right now. I've had such a hard time finding one I like that will fit in our small dining room, I'm really hoping it will stick around long enough for me to get it. Anyone think I need a half-birthday gift?

14 - So far I've been to one (Utah). I'm trying to figure out WHICH new states I want to visit and how I want to go about visiting them. Suggestions are welcome. If you're planning a trip and need a traveling companion, let me know!

20 - This one is still on the short list. Probably in March we'll see what we can do to get this in the works

34 - I'm doing this one with my step-mom, probably in March. Yay!

36 - In all honesty, this one isn't going to happen until at least Lent, and maybe not even then. I have done one week, and I really don't have any desire to do the second week. We'll see.

42 - obviously I can't say much about this one until after the fact, but I have a few ideas.

47 - I'm guessing this will probably happen when we do our spring cleaning

57 - I've found some instructions online that seem easy enough, now I just need an excuse to try it out. I've pretty much decided that since I'm a better hand-sewer than machine-sewer, I'd be a better hand-quilter, too. That means it'll take me a lot longer, but I think I'll enjoy it more! When I put it on the list, I did it with the intention that it (and number 21) would go hand in hand with number one because I'd be making baby stuff. While that may still be the case at some point, these are both pretty big projects that will take some time so I might as well get started!

So that's where I am! If you want to help out with something or have some suggestions, please of please share them with me!

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