Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 62

I've really been slacking on updating this list, but there hasn't been a ton to update on. However, the fact that the number of weeks I have left keeps getting smaller and smaller means that I have to get with it!

3. Put money into savings - this is still going well, and it has led to some other changes to our household finances. That is another post for another day.

11. Buy a china cabinet - wasn't expecting it, but I got to cross this one off the list! There is a furniture store near us going out of business (Stack's Furniture Outlet in Pelham) so we went and found a nice one that fits our dining room perfectly for less than $1000! Score! I also got a chair for my new "office" upstairs, so I can sit somewhere other than the floor now!

15. Dance or yoga class - I signed up for a six week "yoga for beginners" class at Villager Yoga. (I'm doing the Wednesday night class if anyone wants to come do it with me!)

19. Prayer/devotional journal - I'm loving my new coloring journal so keeping up with this one should be no problem. The problem will be keeping it up once I have filled in this book, but the way it's done is so open-ended that I would have no problem using the same one again and again!

34. Cooking class - I am taking my class on the 31st with my step-mom! Stay tuned for tasty French treats that I learn about.

35. Painted Pottery - I got a groupon for Painted By U so I'm looking forward to using that! I'm still trying to convince Jeff that he needs to come do something with me.

88. This one may not actually make the deadline, but I'm determined to go see the Nutcracker this year!

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