Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Decorating Credits

I'm sure you've probably seen most of the photos of the house now (at least if you want to see them!) If not, they are on facebook. Check them out. And if you aren't my friend on facebook, you should be! I would love to take credit for all the decorating of the new house, but I can't. I've been passing off most of the credit to my husband, but the more I sit back and think about it, he doesn't deserve it all either. So basically, here's a list of who did what to which rooms.

Master Bedroom - the furniture choice (except for the bench between the windows) was all Jeff. He purchased his bedroom furniture before we even met. The bench came from my grandparents' house, although unless you knew that you wouldn't really notice it doesn't exactly match the rest of the furniture. The bedding was pretty much me. The wall color was also me (because we were working from the bedding and the rest of the house is beige and I wanted our room to be different!) The artwork was Jeff. The picture over the bed came from his parents and the two pictures by the mirror came from my old house. Jeff arranged all the furniture

Master Bath - I will take full credit for this, although there wasn't much "decorating" to be done. We just used the same color as the master bedroom. I picked out the little wicker and iron shelves and decorative towels. The picture I got from his parents. He did pick out the new drawer knobs and paint the light fixtures, but it was a pretty mutual decision that we wanted the brushed silver.

Guest bathroom - I guess you could say I am responsible for this one because it was stuff I picked out for the condo based around the hand towel stand I got as a wedding gift. The wall color was the agreed-upon beige for most of the house.

Guest bedroom - I really don't know that either of us can take credit for this. All the furniture and bedding came from my old house. My mom picked out the bedding. I don't think I even helped with that one, I think I was away at college. The painting on the bedside table was a gift to me. The painting over the bed came from his mother, but I think we're going to replace it with a few I found from my grandparents' house. Again, Jeff arranged all the furniture.

Office - This was all Jeff. I helped pick the window treatment, but they were originally chosen for our living room at the condo. He did all the hanging of artwork (which is all his) and arranging of furniture (which is all his except one bookshelf!) The burgundy chair came from the house in Cullman but he's the one who decided to keep it.

Living room - This is the one room we did almost entirely together. We picked almost all the furniture together and it was purchased as our Christmas present from my family. There are two tables that came from the Cullman house and all the lamps came from Cullman. The artwork also came from Cullman but Jeff chose it and hung it. I want something different, but I don't know what yet. The current rug is temporary. I did display all the wedding photos in their strategic locations. The furniture arrangement was rather mutual.

Dining room - Jeff actually deserves most of the credit here. He totally saw the vision for the paint when I could not. The color on top was a pretty mutual choice. The furniture was basically all his doing, too. The tea cart was something I got from my great-great-aunt. The table and chairs he found and really encouraged me to love them (which I now do). The china hutch came from his mom and he made the executive decision where to put it. The only thing I can claim credit for is the hanging of the artwork (which also came from his mom) and the current tablecloth.

Hall/Entry way - There are little touches here that I can pretty much take credit for. There is a cross over the front door that I bought several years ago, but Jeff hung. The memo board in the hall was a gift to both of us, but I chose to hang it there. The new light fixture in the hall was my choice, too.

Half Bath - I think I can take credit for this, too. I made the decision that this would be the only room we wouldn't re-paint so it is the purple wallpaper that was there when we bought the house. I chose the paintings now on the wall and the other little pieces. It's a work in progress. I still feel like something is missing.

Kitchen - I can take (almost) full credit for this - I knew what I wanted and Jeff helped make it happen. I chose the color with absolutely no discussion. I also found the metal tiles and Jeff hung them for me. I picked the drawer/cabinet pulls and Jeff put them on. The table came from his mom because she and I traded. He hung the stuff on the wall for me, but that's also a work in progress.

So that's pretty much our house and how it came to be the way it is now. I'm sure it will continue to evolve. Once I get some of the "new" stuff put away there will be more pictures. Stay tuned!

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