Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I love my husband. Even after being married almost 9 months, I am still getting used to the idea of actually being his wife. The fact that we have a home to share that is truly ours makes it that much more special.

Our relationship is very different from most. Dates where we only saw each other for a few hours were the exception rather than the rule. As soon as we decided we wanted to start "dating" it was serious. We were separated by more than 180 miles! Visits usually lasted the whole weekend. But there were times where we went for several weeks without seeing one another. Sure, we talked on the phone, but early on we were doing good to actually see each other twice a month.

In the year before we were married, we saw each other practically every weekend. We both put a lot of miles on our cars. Thanks to my school schedule Fall 2008 I was usually down at least 3 days out of every week. In the spring I didn't have the time to come down as much so he did a lot more driving up to see me and I would come down for about 36 hours when I could. But we always saw each other. It was hard to leave one another, but it was just the nature of our relationship.

Since we've gotten married we have actually spent a few nights apart. It's never really bothered me, but I'm usually the one going away. Right after we got home from our honeymoon I spent two nights in Cullman trying to get all my name change stuff done. I've gone to Tennessee a couple of times for conferences. I've stayed with my dad and step-mom just because. It's just never been a big deal.

After my grandfather died my grandmother moved their bed into the guest room and put two twin beds into their room. She just couldn't stand to sleep in their bed without him. I never really understood it. I thought it would have been comforting for her to be in her own bed. But now I understand it. I really hate being in our bed without Jeff. It just doesn't feel right. Even though it's comfortable. Even though I have room to spread out. Even though I can leave the TV on all night if I want. I just don't like it!

I'm lonely. I miss my husband. I love him just a little bit, you know!

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  1. I know how you feel. I can't stand to sleep unless Joey is right beside me. Even little naps I wake up feeling for him. We have not been apart since we got married with the exception of me being in the hospital and it was the worst. Not only trying to sleep in a strange place but sleep with out him. It stinks. Welcome to marriage. Being away from your spouse is the worst.