Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.5

These are some of my favorite restaurants.

Cracker Barrel - Make fun all you want. I love it. It's comfort food. It makes me feel good. And they are the world's best dumplings.

Johnny's BBQ - a hometown favorite. There are plenty of places that do BBQ well, and even quite a few where you can get a decently good BBQ baked potato. But none of them are as good as Johnny's. Plus, good white sauce is hard to come by! Put a Dr. Pepper with it and add a few hush puppies and I become a very happy girl!

Seafood and Chicken Box - Also affectionately known as "the salt lick" because you will get more than your daily dose of sodium in an average meal. But it's great. It takes a while because everything is cooked fresh, but it's worth it!

Calypso Cafe - This is definitely a Nashville favorite that I miss tremendously. It's simple, fresh, and not over the top. I highly recommend it!

La Paz - It's really hard for me to find a mexican place I don't like. But that also means it's really hard for me to find a place I really love. But this one I really love because it's just different enough to keep things interesting! Now if I could just remember how to get to the one in Birmingham...

Ruth's Chris - It's no secret I love a big 'ol hunk of beef. And I'm really not too picky. If you cook it right, I'm happy. But I also know you get what you pay for and this is absolutely the best. And while most places I don't really care, here I'm all for quality over quantity! It's definitely a special occasion place. The last time we went there, Jeff proposed!

I'm also up for trying new places, so please tell me about some of your favorites!

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  1. fat sams...but you have to eat it before you see the man (jeff knows what I'm talking about here) feta fingers or a dragons belly

    Kairos Kafe...they're in the old ollie's bar-b-que building off university, they're only open for lunch, but it's a church also, it's got a neat atmosphere, I think you'd like it

    Chop Suey chinese ever. Their egg rolls are the best part. Everyone should experience the egg rolls.