Monday, October 25, 2010


This past weekend we went up to Cullman to spend a little time with my family, and we got to go out to the farm and see the goats. We have babies now! Just look at all the cuteness!

I have no idea who these two are, but they sure do make a sweet little picture together!

This is Melia with her two babies, Jemimah and Bob #1. The little black one is Jemimah. Her ears are always straight out like that. She kind of looks like the flying nun!

Did someone say food? Do you see the great big Billy Goat in the middle? You definitely don't want to get in his way when he's on a mission!

The dark brown and white one is Haley. I think the lighter one is a Bob. They are twins. I call them the chocolate and caramel sundaes!

This is another Bob. He is Sandy's little boy (I got a goat named after me!) He is the only solid black one we've had so far!

See if you can guess why we call all the boys Bob! And stay tuned for more goat cuteness (and perhaps a little donkey love, too!)

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