Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Creative Art of Packing for a Cruise

We leave on our cruise in a month! Wahoo! It should come as no surprise, that I'm already starting to pack. And for someone who loves order and logic and things being grouped together appropriately, this is going to seem very random. But I promise there is in fact a method to my madness. Allow me to share:

Square Carry-On bag - This will be my carry-on for the plane as well as the boat. It contains my blue polka dot bathing suit, all my undies, an airline-approved toiletry bag, my large pajama shirt and pink shorts, my phone charger, the camera, my jewelry case, my gray shorts, my blue t-shirt, and my green pullover. This is the only bag I will have to open at the hotel, and will have everything I need until the second day on the boat!

My "purse" - I have a very small travel wallet/purse that will be my bag for the trip. I just have no need of my "regular" purse and it's not worth the risk of something being lost/stolen/forgotten. I am, however, going to take a tote bag that can pass as a purse while flying so I'll have a place for my "real" purse and all its stuff, plus an extra book or trashy magazine (what? it's vacation!) a soda or some food, and anything Jeff wants me to hold onto for him! Plus, it'll be an extra bag that we can use for shore excursions if we need it or to bring back souvenirs!

The Suitcase - This is where all the action happens. It sounds like a lot of stuff, but it really doesn't take up that much room. It's a lot less than you would think you need.
  • Blue formal dress - some of you may remember this one from my bridal tea
  • Brown fancy dress - from a previous cruise
  • Champagne shoes - these were my wedding shoes that I didn't get to wear! I bought them with the intention of wearing again so I'm glad I have the chance now! These are the only "formal" shoes I am taking because they go with both dresses!
  • Black skirt - a nice dinner option
  • 3-4 tops that can mix and match with the black stuff for dinner. One with a peacock feather print, a flowered mesh top that goes over a black tank top, and one with purple flowers and funky beads on it. I may add one more, we'll have to see.
  • Black gauchos - purchased for our honeymoon, now my favorite "lounging" pants
  • Brown shorts - got them on sale back in October. Same basic reasoning as the gauchos and the gray shorts.
  • Pink Swimsuit
  • Green surfer shirt - more for lounging in the sun than anything!
  • Black hat
  • 6 shirts for lounging and/or shore excursions - Green tee, dove tee, black with flowers, "dance in the rain", camp tee, and flip flop tee!
  • Accessories like my formal purses, a wrap, our walkie talkies, the camera battery charger, my quarters for the slot machines, and other odds and ends!
So what's missing? The outfit I'll be wearing on Friday! I have to go to a conference for work and I'll have to go straight to the airport from there. I'll be wearing my black pants (good for dinners later), my lime top (probably what I'll wear for dinner the first night), and my flip flops.

So what am I leaving at home? Number one - my computer! You have to pay for internet access on the boat and I am making the deliberate decision to not do any work on vacation (except for taking care of myself) so I am leaving the computer, my assigned reading, sermon prep, ordination stuff, and all other things that might be associated with work at home.

To say I am excited would be the understatement of the century!

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