Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moving On Up!

Our first unit for the residency ended in early February and as we prepared to move into our second unit, we were told that we would have to meet with a consultation committee to assess whether we will remain at Level I or move into Level II.

Basically, the difference in Level I and II is that they used to be distinguished as "basic" and "advanced". All they represent is that once you have a pretty good handle on the "competencies" (translated: professional skills) of Level I you move onto working on a more demanding set of competencies. You have to have a good handle on all of them for board certification. Consultation committee is, in itself, good practice for board certification simply because we have to go through a similar process for certification.

Well, the whole process of meeting with the consultation committee was less than enjoyable. Getting ready for it and getting all the materials together was incredibly anxiety producing for me because I didn't get to put as much time and energy into some things as I wanted. Alas, it got done. The interview itself went pretty well. Again, there was some challenging going on but that was to be expected. I walked away from it feeling pretty good but was just thrilled to be done and to be going home for the weekend to pamper myself a bit!

Well, when I got back to work, I saw my supervisor and she told me that overall everyone did very well during our consultation committee, which was good to know. Even better, it was recommended that I move on to Level II and it was suggested that I am actually already functioning at Level II. For someone who really struggles with professional inadequacy, that is really huge! At the end of the day, the committee only makes a recommendation and it's up to our supervisor whether to give us Level I or Level II credit, but I know her goal was to pretty much have us all working on Level II so I'm glad that's possible.

This also puts me right on track in case I decide I want to do a supervisory residency, which is now an option floating not to far from my mind. We'll see what happens at the ACPE conference and how the next unit and a half goes, but just maybe I'm getting the hang of this CPE stuff after all!

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