Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week 8

I can cross one more thing off the list this week - I finally tried my sixth recipe. I didn't blog about it because it wasn't very good, but I did try it!

We should have all the credit cards except one paid off by the end of this month. Yay!

I have a big pile of stuff to be given away, including a bunch of books and a few purses that I've been holding onto because of some good memories associated with them, but I'm never going to use them again so it's time for them to go. Now I just have to pack it all up and take it down to the thrift store.

I modified one from "attend a Christmas/Advent worship service" to simply "attend a worship service." Mostly the reason behind it was because I like the special services that are often at "off" times but I found out about some special services for Lent this year, so I'm hoping I can attend at least one of those. I may still try to hit an Advent or Christmas service as well, but don't want to limit myself to that.

I bought a devotional journal, but it's really not what I need/want right now. I found another book that I think will be a good guide for me, so I'm going to start that on Sunday.

I may have mentioned this last week, but we started looking into getting a marker for Jeff's dad's grave. We're hoping to go over to Georgia for a weekend this summer and get that started.

The no chocolate thing has been a lot harder for me than I thought. So far I've gone two days.

I'm hoping to make an appointment to get a pedicure (and manicure and haircut) in a couple of weeks. Anyone know a good salon in the Alabaster/Pelhem/Helena area?

I looked at new herbs, but it's still a little early for them. I think I want chives, thyme, and sage this year. My rosemary is still ok.

We're planning to get the new ceiling fan for the porch in a couple of weeks (once Jeff paints the ceiling). Yay!

That's pretty much it! Hooray for progress!

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