Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 9

I'm making some slow but steady progress on my list.

I have some reflections on worship that will come later, but I still don't feel that I have satisfied the "attend a worship service" item. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, though!

I haven't been as deliberate with my prayer/devotional journal as I should have been over the past week, but I'm excited about the possibilities for the next few weeks.

I also learned more about and began practicing centering prayer. I'm going to do everything I can to practice this daily for at least the next week, maybe two! Another practice I'm excited about practicing regularly in the near future is Lectio Divina. Stay tuned for more on these.

I've been getting to bed early lately, but thanks to on-call I'm not going to even attempt this one as a goal again until I can have a month without overnight call.

We have a cuss jar, the problem is we won't use it. Jeff kind of treats it as a joke (and after a minor disaster with a lawnmower, he owes me about $25!) I have been more conscious of my language and haven't had to contribute anything to the jar, but one of the challenges is that we rarely have cash on hand. I'll see what happens with this one and decide in a week or two whether it should be re-worked or discarded.

I have an appointment for a pedicure in a few weeks (and manicure and haircut!)

So I can't officially cross anything off the list yet, but we're getting there.

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