Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stemware Charms

I have always thought the little stemware charms were just super-cute. I have never particularly had a need for them, but I decided it would be a fun craft to try. I got some not-so-expensive supplies and sat down to play. They were super-simple to make and lots of fun. I've enjoyed dreaming up new sets and making them. This is one of those "instant gratification" crafts.

For the set in the picture I used:
Six 25mm earrings
Assorted colors of seed beads - size six (I used 36 beads total)
Six Small silver bells

The only tool I used was a small pair of jewelry pliers.

Basically, I took each ring and opened it. These have a small end folded up that I flattened to get the beads on. I didn't have to get it perfectly flat and even, so there was a little notch, but that made it easier to bend back when I was done!

I used a colored bead, a white bead, another colored, a bell, another colored bead, another clear, and the last colored bead. Then I just folded the end back up the way it was before.

I used a different color on each one so that they can be used to identify the different drinks - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo.

These are super-easy to personalize. Use any kind of beads or charms you may want to fit your personality or match your china or just your mood at the moment! These would make a great little hostess gift with a nice bottle of wine or even a fun party favor!

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