Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Week 49

I've been able to cross quite a few things off my 101 List in the past week. There are other updates as well.

8 - "Replace the oven" - Hopefully by this time next week I will officially have my new one in and the old one hauled away! I've gotta tell you, nothing makes you want to cook as badly as not being able to!

9 - "Re-do the countertops and backsplash in the kitchen" - This one is finished. I'm pretty pleased with the way it has come out.

10 - "Finish the basement" - This one should be done by next week, too! We're so close! I just want it done so I can hang out down there!

27 - "Have Jeff teach me to use AutoCAD" - This happened in a rather unexpected way, but he taught me how to use it to draw a family diagram (genogram) for my continuing education class. I had a good time with it now that I have sort of gotten a feel for it. I could definitely see myself playing more with it, although I think it'll be a while before I'm up to drawing house plans!

38 - "Go without fried foods for two weeks" - This is definitely going to be more of a priority starting in the next week or two. We have had so much take out and fast food in the past few weeks that I really just want simple things like grilled chicken and rice for a while!

47 - "Get two new sets of sheets" - You will remember that one set I got as an anniversary gift. The next set will be purchased in the next week or two for the guest room! Yay!

71 - "Move the computer out of the bedroom" - This goes along with the completion of the basement room!

As of right now, I have 50 items on the list crossed off! By next week I should have close to 55! That's not a bad way to close in on the halfway point of this little exercise!

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