Thursday, December 8, 2011

Week 48

Well, life is continuing and stuff is happening, but not a whole lot is getting crossed off of this list. Still, lots of things are much closer to being done than they have been.

8 - I'm not ready to say that this one is complete yet, but it's so close I can taste it. We ordered the new stove. Jeff's uncle pulled the old one out when he was working on the countertops. Unfortunately, the new stove won't be here until the 21st, so I've got two weeks of microwaving everything, becoming very creative with the use of the grill, or eating out. I'll count this as complete after the new one is installed.

9 - As previously mentioned, the countertops have been re-surfaced by Jeff's uncle. Yay! We also put up our new backsplash! The cabinets are in the process of getting re-painted (that wasn't on the list but it needed to get done!) It should be done by this time next week! Yipee! We also replaced the sink, got a new faucet, and put in a garbage disposal. We're putting up new light fixtures this week, too. I'm one very happy girl!

10 - Another one that's so close I can taste it. We're to the "finishing" stage. Everything has been primed and and the first coat of paint is on the walls. We just have to finish that, paint the floor, put on the trim, put back the sink and toilet, hang the ceiling fan, and put the furniture in. It should all be done in the next week or two.

71 - I'm hoping to get this done to go along with the completion of the basement.

76 - If I can ever find one I like, we'll get this taken care of, too!

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