Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cruising By the Numbers, Part II

Remember last week when I posted this infographic? Well I decided to make my comments in a separate post to let you know what I have learned about some of this stuff. In writing this, I realized I have a lot more to say than I want to put into one post, so expect a little more about this each week for a while!

There were several cruise lines specifically mentioned, but I have never cruised with any of them. I've only ever cruised with Carnival. But I have researched other cruise lines and this is what I've seen/learned.

Carnival boasts "some of the most spacious staterooms at sea". While I have no experience of this, I do know from talking to other people that this is probably a pretty true statement. Even with that, the rooms aren't huge (at least a standard inside room) Sure, you can pay for a balcony room (which is bigger) or a suite if you want that, but it depends on what your budget and priorities are.

One of the most appealing things about Disney Cruise Line (at least for me and for my future information) is that the child's price is based on their age. This is not true on Carnival (or any other cruise line I have seen.) On Carnival, you will pay the same for a toddler as you would for a teen. However, a Disney cruise is generally more expensive, so I don't know how this would balance out. In my opinion, Disney magic and attention to detail is always worth the cost, whether it's a park or a ship, but I'm a sucker for magic and details! Right now my dream cruise is on Disney.

Destination: All my cruises have been to the Caribbean. In fact all of them (at least until this next one) have been to the Western Caribbean and all have stopped in Cozumel. It's been nice enough, but I'm definitely ready for a change. Alaska is next on my list of places I would like to visit, and the Mediterranean is after that!

I have left from three different ports - Mobile, AL (which is currently not being used as a cruise port), New Orleans, LA, and Port Canaveral (Orlando), FL. Mobile was definitely nice and easy to get through, but I don't have any complaints about Port Canaveral, either. New Orleans was a mess, no two ways about it. However, I'm anticipating taking other cruises out of New Orleans eventually and I'm hoping for a better experience.

Spending: According to the infographic, the average cruiser spends $220/per day ON THE BOAT! I definitely understand the temptation. It's easy to forget that you are, in fact, spending real money when you just have to swipe your room key or sign a piece of paper to get a nice umbrella drink by the pool or a couple of nice 8x10 photos each day. It can add up pretty quickly. This probably also includes shore excursions booked on the boat or charged to your account, which can be really pricey.

Saving: There are several good suggestions for saving money on your cruise, like cruising during the off season, making a lot of your own arrangements for travel and excursions, and keep up with your spending. I have a few tips of my own, but I'll save those for later, so keep checking back for more on these and other fun topics.

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