Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yoga Update

I'm now halfway through my yoga for beginners class, and it's been AMAZING. Annie, who is also the studio owner, is a fantastic teacher and I absolutely adore her.

The first week was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It started out with a lot of time and attention to breath. Well, for a former band kid, that was easy. Long, even, deep breaths are what I did all the time. They're still what I do when I need to chill or center myself. So that part came very naturally. The moving part, not as much. It wasn't even the moving that was hard, it was the holding in certain places that was harder. I'm not gonna lie - the first class seemed to last a really long time. I made the intentional decision to take off my watch for class but it was hard, too. By the time class ended, I was ready for it to be over. Still, it was good. I felt good because, well, I just felt good. But I also felt good because I had worked hard and done something just for myself.

The second week I think I was more nervous than the first. During the first class only 5 of the 12 people came because of spring break and other conflicts, so week two was full. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The class itself also wasn't as hard. I really enjoyed the moving between poses and holding for a breath or two, and then moving out of it again. I also love the variety of pace in the class. Again, no watch. But this time, as we were coming to the close of the class, I was really disappointed that it was over already. I definitely could have kept going for a while longer! I never would have expected the more active pace to jive with me, but it definitely did.

The third week I was really excited going in, but immediately got nervous when she told us we'd be doing back bending. I quickly discovered it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be (not the back bends I remember from elementary school, although maybe someday I can get back to that!) and it actually felt pretty good for the most part. Again it was a harder class because it was a lot more new poses so it was a lot more slow movement and holding. I really dig the whole "one breath, one movement thing" and so I'm bad about holding my breath while I'm holding poses (which isn't what you're supposed to do!) Overall, I liked the way the moves were sequenced and I feel like I'm remembering the names of things like Cat & Cow, Staff Pose, Mountain, Warrior, Tree, Half Lotus, Triangle, and I'm sure there are others that we've done and I just can't think of.

The thing that's working to my disadvantage at this point (and what I think will keep me from ever being "good" at yoga) is that my body is just plain not proportional. I know I'm short (5'2) but proportionally speaking, I have long legs and a very short waist. When you're trying to fold and have your hands flat on the ground, it just doesn't work. Even if I were in perfect shape, I don't think it would work! I'm still pretty flexible in spite of everything, so that helps. I also have at least a moderate ability to balance, so that is good, too. Now to work on that "strength thing"...

If yoga is something you enjoy and you are in the Birmingham area, I definitely recommend checking out Villager Yoga. On Friday, April 13th they will be having their next "Yoga & ..." class. This month it is Yoga & Art. There are still spots available if you are interested. It's $25.

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