Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tulle Wreath

This was another craft project inspired by a variety of pinterest projects. It wasn't all that hard, it just took a little bit of time. The only "tool" needed was a pair of scissors, and if you really wanted you could probably do without them.

Basically, I just bought a wreath form and several spools of tulle and started wrapping. I figured out that the pieces of tulle needed to be about a yard long, and used the very scientific measuring device of my arm. I figured out that the "about right" length was from the tip of my middle finger to all the way across my shoulders, give or take a few inches for cutting. I could bunch it up and wrap it three or four times to make a big enough section for me to be happy with it and cover up all the underneath.

The wreath form I used was a straw one. I would have preferred a foam form, but the only foam form I found at Hobby Lobby was squared and designed for flower arranging, so I went with the straw one. I really REALLY wish I had left the plastic on it. The straw made an unholy mess all over the place. Plus, the loose straw made me very itchy. So yeah, moral of the story - if you use a straw wreath, leave on the plastic!

I probably used about 65 yards of tulle, total, so just pay attention when you are buying your tulle. The green and white had glitter in them, and they were smaller rolls (about 12 yards each) and I used all of those and actually needed a little more. The pink, purple, and blue came in 25 yard rolls so I still have some of them left for other projects.

You could easily change the colors and use it for team colors, birthday, baby shower, or other holidays. I could definitely see doing another one of these!

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