Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Week 67

Here's another update on all the things left on my 101 things list.

3. Put money into savings - this is going well. I'm sure we could be doing more, but we're on track and have a plan so I feel good about it.

14. Visit four new states - I've already been on one (Utah) and so I need to go to three more. We're planning a trip to Portland, OR and I'm hoping we can sneak in a few others, but the number four was pretty arbitrary when I chose it, so there's no real attachment to the "four"

19. Prayer/devotional journal - I've been doing this for about a month and it's going well. I'm enjoying using the journal I have now, but I'm looking forward to exploring others, too.

20. A marker for Jeff's dad's grave - We're planning a trip over to GA to start this process over the summer.

21. Knit a blanket - yeah, I haven't even thought about starting this yet.

22. Vacation with my side of the family - hasn't happened yet, maybe this summer or fall!

23. Use my boating license - this just got a little bit harder because we sold Jeff's boat. Hopefully I can still do this sometime this summer!

26. Read three classic novels - I've read one. I have a bunch of stuff I want to read so I don't know that this will top the priority list. I have the books on my kindle, so maybe I can do it on vacation!

28. Teach Jeff to play piano - I'm going to order some basic books so I can start teaching him to play!

32. Eat at home - this definitely hasn't been a priority. I need to make it one.

35. Painted pottery - I have the groupon, I just need to use it! It would help if I actually had an idea for what I wanted to make.

38. No fried food - this will probably happen if I get serious about the eating at home.

42. Surprise trip - I had kind of forgotten about this, but now that I'm thinking about it I'm excited about the possibilities!

47. New sheets - I have gotten one set, and we're in the market for new bedding for our master bedroom, so I'm expecting this one to happen by the fall

48. Walking - I need to be more deliberate about this one.

49. Bake a cake - I'm expecting to do this one this summer.

54. Artwork - I have had a good idea that I'm excited about, but just haven't sat down to work on it.

55. Needlepoint picture - I haven't found one I like or been really inspired to try and find one, much less start working on it. This one is moving further and further down the priority list!

56. Picnic - No real reason for not doing this yet, but I have a plan!

57. Learn to quilt - No work on this, but I have someone I'm going to ask to teach me, so I'm excited.

58. Use the good china - Now that the good china is unpacked, it's actually possible! I just have to do it!

60. Begin re-writing thesis - I've done more thinking about it, but no work. I don't anticipate doing a ton of actual writing on this, but the Academy may change everything. We'll have to wait and see!

61. New Madame Alexander doll - I think this is going on my Christmas list.

62. Stuff out of storage - This one will probably be a fall project and will involve hauling a lot of stuff to give away! If it's been sitting packed up for years, the chances of my needing it are pretty slim.

67. Gun - We've talked about it, but need to act on this one. It'll probably be a summer or fall project when we're not both working weekends!

69. Tape 6 sermons - I honestly don't know that this one is going to happen. I really wanted to tape my Easter sermon but it didn't happen. I only need one more to complete this, but I want it to be one worth having!

72. Zoo - I think I'm going to do this in the next couple of weeks!

76. Living room rug - I think we've decided which one we want, we just have to get it!

81. Camp counselor - I'm excited about getting to do this twice this year! Yay!

88. Ballet - I'm really hoping I can go see the nutcracker this year! Anyone want to go with me?

89. Bread - As soon as we run out of bread, I'm going to make more rather than buying it!

90. Wine glasses - I'm not sure when I'll make it back up to Nashville, so there's no telling when I'm going to get these. I don't really need them so it's not a big deal if I don't get them.

91. Dutch oven - I'm hoping to get one this summer.

93. Wide format printer - This may be a Christmas thing, but it's not a priority at this point.

101. Make jam - this will definitely be a summer thing. I have a recipe for a strawberry jalapeno jam I'd like to try!

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