Thursday, July 9, 2009


While I can be very OCD about organization (some types of organization more than others), cleaning is not something I am terribly passionate about or enjoy very much. But now that I really have a home to take care of and am taking a little pride in it, I'm sort of enjoying it. It really does help to have someone to help me keep everything up. 

One task I know Jeff wishes I were better about is making the bed. I usually forget about it at least once a week. I appreciate that he lets me sleep when he leaves for work and I know that's the price I pay for that. But half the time I will get up and take the dog(s) out for a walk, and then I may or may not go back in the bedroom for quite some time. Usually I make the bed when I take a shower/get dressed. And on the days when I am lazy and want a bubble bath or just to hang out in my t-shirt and sweatpants, then I usually forget about the bed. We are compromising - Jeff does it on the weekends when he's home and will sometimes make it if I've forgotten it after he gets home (and is learning to do it without making smart comments!), but he can also just leave it on occasion which is nice. I'm trying to do better about remembering it, but at least I have stopped napping in the afternoon which is a step in the right direction I suppose!

Doing the dishes has become an interesting endeavor for us. On the one hand, I absolutely despise doing dishes, but since it mostly means just rinsing plates and loading the dishwasher, I'm taking ownership for it as one of "my" jobs, and am therefore picky about the way it is done. Bill Engvall has done several little bits about his wife and the dishes and the way the dishwasher is loaded. And I have always and will always laugh at them, but I am now that wife! Rather than getting on to Jeff for the way he does it, I just go behind him and fix it. He is slowly learning the way I like it and is trying, and I am learning to work around the way he does it. I still maintain the rule that if you don't want something in the dishwasher, you have to wash it by hand yourself, which seems fair.

I really dislike vacuuming, so that is Jeff's only major regular housekeeping job. He doesn't really mind it, so it works out pretty well. We share laundry duty and he is slowly learning what "delicate" means. I'm learning how he likes his socks folded. We still need an iron, but we're moving in the right directions. Dusting is one of those jobs neither of us likes so it usually only gets done once a month or whenever we have company (whichever comes first). I keep the bathrooms clean, but it's really not too terrible. The master shower has one of those scrubbing bubbles auto shower things so that kind of does itself. The tub/shower in the hall bathroom only gets used when we're in a hurry and both want to get ready at the same time or I want a bubble bath (that is "my" bathroom). Everything else is pretty easy to maintain.

I will be very glad when summer is over and Patches isn't shedding so we don't have black dog hair all over everything in our world!

I doubt I will ever actually like cleaning, but I am learning to appreciate the results enough to desire them!

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