Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Furniture Shopping

One of the perks of setting up a home is getting the furniture to put in that home! We currently have some very nice furniture, but the vast majority is stuff that has been inherited from one of our families. We're both happy with it for the moment, but we eventually want to get some things of our own that we have picked for ourselves.

We didn't go out intending to shop for furniture. But we had some time to kill and decided to go wander around. We ended up at Rooms to Go first. We wandered in and were accosted by the sales guy named Elvis. Although he didn't stand over us, he followed us around the store. On several occasions I saw him staring at us and it was just plain creepy. He never really offered any help, just kind of creeped us out. We found a few things we liked ok, but nothing we really loved. We walked out feeling a little bit let down.

We decided that, since neither of us had ever been up to Ashley Furniture and we were close, we would pop up the hill for a bit. When we walked in we were greeted by a very friendly salesperson named Johnita. She explained the set-up of the store, told us to look around, asked our names, and promised to check on us soon. And she left us alone! I could look over my shoulder and not see her staring at us, and it was wonderful! We stopped and looked at a few things along the way and she caught up with us and explained how to read all the little sales placards. And once again she left. Again, she gave us a while and caught up with us, this time we had questions for her. She answered our questions and explained everything very well. We continued to make the rounds and she continued to just check on us periodically, answer all our questions, and generally make it a great experience. 

When we were finally ready to go, we were in love with a dining room set, a sofa set, and a nice storage ottoman. She gave us her card and printed out pictures of the sets that we liked. We will be more than happy to go back and give her business! 

And if you're in the market for some furniture in Birmingham, go down to Ashley Furniture in Hoover and see Johnita!

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  1. thats where we got most of our furniture from...the one in Gardendale is even better than the one in Hoover. Frenchie is who we bought ours from. I LOVED how they let you look, and they were so nice and helpful!