Friday, July 17, 2009

House Hunting

Jeff and I are officially house-hunting. We called a mortgage company and got our pre-approval. We've called the realtor and have an appointment to meet with her next week. And now we are looking around on the internet.

Shopping for a home is actually really stressful. We don't want a "starter home", we want a place where we can settle down and raise a family. And we already have some pretty specific criteria. I want a formal dining room and possibly a separate formal living room.  We want three bedrooms at least (4 if we can get it!) in northern Shelby county (Pelham area). We want a fenced yard for the dogs and a garage (2 car if at all possible). If there is room for a workshop for Jeff, that would be ideal. 

Most of what we have found that meet our criteria and are within our price range are older houses, usually built in the 70s. That means they aren't as cute as I would like them to be, but we can update it in a few years if we need to. 

I have to admit, the whole process is absolutely terrifying, but also very exciting. Stay tuned for the continued adventures of our home safari!

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  1. I went to highschool with a girl who is selling in the shelby co area, her website is: You might give her a call, she's a sweetheart and I'm sure she could help ya'll out finding a good place. She posts pics via facebook every now and then of ones that she's showing. Good Luck!! It's a whole crazy experience!