Tuesday, July 14, 2009


When I was a kid, swimming was probably my all-time favorite summer time activity. It ranked right up there with sleeping late, watching tv all day, and eating whatever we wanted for lunch. But in recent years, I have discovered that swimming just doesn't hold all that much appeal to me. I'd much rather sit in the shade with a book or just relax in a hot tub (if it is available). 

Maybe it is just a grown up thing. But diving for toys or change and doing handstands and giving piggy back rides just doesn't entertain me for hours the way it used to. I'd much rather hang out and float or just sit with my feet in the water. I used to want to go swimming every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Now, about twice a year does me just fine! I'm also kind of funny about the fact that I am no longer content to throw dry clothes over a wet suit or ride home squishy. So I like to get out a while before it's time to go home so I can dry off. 

Jeff is practically my opposite. He can't get enough of swimming and gets really funny when I don't want to go with him or if I walk down but don't want to get in. Maybe it is just because he got so used to going swimming all the time when he was younger and it never really stopped. I don't know. 

I got two new bathing suits this week. I haven't had new suits in three years, and the old ones clearly don't fit anymore, but as often as I go swimming, I make it work. I figured that, since we are going to Discovery Cove again in November and because Jeff is taking me swimming more now, I should get them. I didn't spend nearly as much as I normally would but am happy with what I got. And now that I have suits that are comfortable and fit right, I actually feel a little more willing to go swimming more often.

Now if I could just get one of those floats with an umbrella on it ...

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