Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Countdown

Here is approximately what is happening into my mind and my home in this week leading up to our Open House.

Monday - Can't even think about it yet. Not in a "party" frame of mind, especially since I have other stuff to do on the personal and professional front before I can get to the "fun" stuff of entertaining.

Tuesday - Realize I'm now less than a week away, the weekend is behind me, I've already slacked off on one day I could be working (Monday) and I need to get my rear in gear. This is also my volunteer day at the hospital so household chores like laundry commence upon my return home. This includes a frantic search through the kitchen towels for a "presentable" dish cloth that matches the kitchen, and putting out matching towels in the master bathroom (which would never normally match!)

Wednesday - Start seriously thinking about the food stuffs of entertaining. We need finger foods and wine and sodas. I really wish I had one of those cute lemonade dispensers but don't have the money to spend on something like that. I suppose I could pull out the punch bowl I insisted on keeping in the move... Anyway, back on track. I think I gave away all the cute plates leftover from the wedding so I'll need to get more. A trip to the store is definitely in order! Jeff did most of the serious outside work today so we have flowers and an herb garden and a few tomato plants. I attempted to be productive and got all my dolls into the case.

Thursday - Today is errand day. We'll have to get some dirt to go into the raised garden beds out back. We have to go get the new porch swing and get it hung. Now that I have a menu in hand I have a grocery list and I can go to the store. I'll probably make a last ditch effort to get a few more things unpacked from the basement but I figure that will pass after a couple of hours! Dusting and cleaning the bathrooms are also on the agenda.

Friday - I doubt I'll get out of my pajamas all day. This is a serious prep day. Last minute cleaning of windows, cabinets, and other places that probably won't get noticed; getting all the food as ready as it can be; rearranging the stuff. Before I go to bed there will be at the very least a diagram of what goes where on the island tomorrow and everything else will be absolutely ready (except for the fact that my clothes will be laid out and the bed obviously won't be made)

Saturday - I'm in full-on freak out mode. Normally I would enjoy sleeping until about 9 and then acting like a crazy person but I have double booked my day because, well, I am a crazy person. I have a brunch meeting at 9:30 (which means leaving the house by 8:30) and I WILL be leaving by 11:30 so I can get home. I want to stop and get some fresh flowers but it probably won't happen. Inevitably someone will be early (I'm guessing my in-laws!) but all the food should be ready to simply be put out and Jeff can handle that! Hopefully I won't be too frazzled when I come in!

When it's all said and done I'm absolutely exhausted, but loved every minute of it and can't wait to do it again!

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  1. This is exactly the way things work in my house--right down to the ever-early in-laws. Actually, we tend to not know that my in-laws are coming until they call 5 minutes before pulling into the driveway. I'm a habitual planner, so this has taken some getting used to, but it has prompted me to keep my house presentable at all times!