Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.10

These are some of my favorite things, particularly vendors, that I came across in all the wedding planning. They are still fantastic resources and I will almost surely use them again.

Efavormart - I got my organza table overlays from this site. They are fabulous quality and very reasonably priced. I am planning to order some folding chair covers to use at holidays and whatnot and some more tablecloths just to have. They have lots of other great stuff, too!

Reflections utensils - These are fantastic, great quality plastic utensils that are silver. But not like the fake plastic silver. They are shiny silver. They look real. You can't tell they aren't until you touch them (unless you know). So fantastic! Perfect for holiday dining! They used to be hard to find, but in the past year to year and a half I have seen them lots of places (maybe not the exact brand, but the same thing)

Flyboy Naturals - Freeze dried petals. They are real petals (not silk) but not brittle like dried ones and they keep their same great appearance forever and don't wither like fresh ones! Awesome, awesome things. I'm tempted to buy small quantities to use for holiday centerpieces. And they have more than just rose petals in a zillion colors and combinations. Beautiful!

Personalized M&Ms - Who doesn't love M&M's? And the fact that I got some with my name on them just makes them that much more fabulous! The colors were also perfect. There was only one little baggie that survived from the reception and I have it tucked away forever in our wedding box. My kids can throw them out after I'm dead.

VistaPrint - I actually found this site a couple of years ago, but it was very handy to have as a resource for wedding planning. They have fantastic invitations/announcements for almost any occasion (I have gotten business cards from them before and am about to order more) and they have a wonderful feature where you can customize your own designs. I designed our rehearsal dinner invitations and thanks to VistaPrint they looked fantastic and professional. It was wonderful! And best of all, their stuff is VERY affordable and they always have great free offers. And I don't mean free with purchase. I mean FREE. The only "catch" is you pay for your own shipping! It's pretty hard to beat!

Barefoot Pinot Grigio - It's good stuff. I recommend it.

The Tutwiler Hotel - We stayed here for the first time on New Year's Even 2008 and fell in love with it, so we decided it would be the perfect place to spend our wedding night. It really was pretty darn perfect. Although to be perfectly honest, we actually enjoyed the standard room we had the first time just as much as the suite we had on our wedding night. Maybe a little bit more! The rooms are very comfortable, the bed is out of this world, and the service just can't be beat. The fact that you get a free continental breakfast (that is quite nice) just makes it that much better!

I know that not everyone who reads this has planned a wedding or went to mine, so when you comment, just leave some of your favorite things from ANY wedding you have attended or special event you have planned.

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