Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.12

These are a few of my favorite vacation spots
Disney World - I don't care how old I am, I will always want to go to Disney World whenever given the chance. Yes it is CRAZY expensive (which is why we probably won't be going back until we have kids) but it's so much fun! And it's always changing, so there's always new things to see. I definitely prefer it during the "off" season because it's not as crowded and hot.

Savannah - I love all the natural beauty and history of Savannah. It's full of good food, fun people to watch, and Southern hospitality. You can spend your days doing absolutely nothing at all and have a blast doing it! It's also close enough to lots of little island communities that day trips are the perfect mini-adventure.

Gulf Shores/Orange Beach - Even as pale as I am, I love going to the beach. I love watching the birds and the waves and eating yummy food. Again, a great place to do nothing. (Do you see a recurring theme in my vacations?)

Washington, DC - Yes, I'm a dork. I love DC. I love the museums and the history. I especially love Arlington. As strange as it sounds I could spend all day wandering around the cemetery. It's a place that can be full of people and still be peaceful. It's lovely. Plus, it's super cheap (if not free) to do just about everything. And the public transportation is quite good.

Discovery Cove - This is probably the ideal vacation for me and Jeff right now. We really enjoyed it the first time, but last time with the private cabana just put it over the top. I finally understand why people would go and NOT swim with the dolphins. It is fun, don't get me wrong. I loved doing it and would probably love to do it again, but once you've done it you can go and enjoy everything without having to plan your whole day around your swim time. And even if you don't swim with the dolphins you get all the perks of the park and your week pass to Sea World (which translates to a FANTASTIC deal on theme park tickets when it's all said and done!) Even when it's packed to capacity, you'd never know it. FABULOUS!

Cruising - I really didn't know what I would think of going on a cruise, but I ended up loving it. It's a good thing I do because Jeff's family also loves it. I've only ever been to Mexico, and it was nice. But I would really love to go other places. I don't really care where we go if I've never been because I know that no matter what I really won't have to worry about language, I know exactly where I'll be staying, and know there will be plenty of food that I'll eat! And although there is plenty for you to do, it's the perfect place to again, do nothing! My favorite is the days at sea when I can find a big window (because it's quieter inside than on the big decks up top) and curl up with a book and watch the ocean.

I absolutely love going new places. I want to visit all 50 states at some point (preferably before I'm 50, but we'll see how that works out!) So where are some of your favorite places to get away?

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  1. I'm not a big Disney fan. I've been several times, and it always seems like way more trouble than its worth. I'm sure we'll want to take our future children there at some point, but I don't think it will turn into an annual trip or anything. Although, I will say that I could probably spend a week in the Animal Kingdom!

    My favorite city in the world is Lucerne. It's beautiful. I actually loved everywhere I've been in Switzerland. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in visiting Europe. I think I'm definitely a mountains person though I love the beach, too. I would love to go back, and my husband's never been, so I'm hoping we'll have a chance to do that in the next few years.

    As far as beaches go, I've visited several along the Atlantic coast and the gulf (including the beaches in Cozumel). I've even hit the beach in Italy and France, but my family has a beach house in Indian Pass, FL (between Apalachicola and Port Saint Joe) and my husband's family rents a house in Fort Morgan for a month every fall so that's where we vacation the most. Maybe I'm biased, but I prefer these two beaches above all others. You don't have to fight the crowds, it's so peaceful, and there's so much to DO. (We prefer salt water kayaking and fishing.) There's also fewer restrictions about beach activities; we've celebrated New Year's on the beach with fireworks and a bonfire, gone for a beach run with our family dogs, and taken the Bronco for a spin along the shore. I like that these beaches make you feel more like a resident than a visitor.

    I think on our next big trip, we'll be heading to the UK. Neither of us has ever been to England, Ireland, or Scotland, so they're definitely on our list!