Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Five - Unexpected Thanks

Ok, I really haven't been as much of a slacker as it appears. My internet has simply not wanted to cooperate today, but I have been marinating on the topic for a few hours. Today's Friday Five invites us to consider the things that have been unplanned/unexpected blessings in our lives. It's probably no surprise to many that I am a little bit of a control freak. I don't like the unexpected or the unknown. But I have been very fortunate to have been given some blessings I was not planning for, in spite of my best efforts to avoid them! So here is my list of five for which I am very thankful!

OneWed Forums - I found this little grouping of message boards as I was planning my wedding. I stumbled across several as I searched for advice, but this is the first one I found where people were polite in spite of differing opinions and seemed genuinely interested in helping one another, not proving that "my way is best." So I joined up, asked a few questions, and started answering others. Pretty soon I had a journal, was playing along with stuff totally not wedding related and getting very close to some of these amazing ladies. I was not at all expecting to find long-term friends in the planning of my wedding, but a year and a half later I still feel like my day is incomplete if I don't check in with "my girls"!

My CPE Group - I was very nervous going into my residency because I had absolutely no idea who my companions were going to be on this journey. I am so incredibly thankful for the group in which I have found myself. Although this is probably not a group I would have chosen for myself, it has proven to be incredibly helpful and supportive, even in the short time we have been together so far. I am more thankful for this group of colleagues than I will probably ever be able to say!

Patches - I was never a big dog person. Or at least I never thought I was a big dog person. We weren't even thinking about a new pet when we got the phone call from Jeff's mother to come see the puppies someone had brought to her office. But I really am totally in love with this guy, even if he did eat way too much of my stuff last year. His sweet eyes and funny antics make my life and my family so much richer! I am so thankful for him, even if I tend to forget that when he wants to go out at 6am!

In-Laws - I never expected to have a fabulous set of in-laws. I always kind of figured they were sort of like one of those little make up gifts with purchase. There may be one or two things in the package that you really like, and the rest of it you don't care much about but it's there and you just kind of deal with it one way or the other. But despite our "getting-to-know-you" bumps in the road, my in-laws have been really fantastic. I'm especially blessed that not only do I have lots of fabulous relatives by marriage, I also have some great "friends-in-law" too that came as a part of my relationship with Jeff. All the way around, it has been an unexpected blessing!

Rosemary - Yes, I am talking about the herb here. I love the taste, the smell, and the plant on my back porch! I have no idea how or where this came into my life, but I do know that it has sparked all kinds of creative endeavors that have been incredibly fun and educational and I'm sure I wouldn't have had any of them if it weren't for this one little plant!

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