Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Five - Time with Friends

Today's Friday Five asks its readers (and players) to list five things that you like to do with friends. This was actually pretty hard for me because I've forgotten! I don't get a ton of friend time anymore, and that makes me sad. So basically, if you are reading this, we need to hang out! Here are a few of my favorite places/ways to do that.

1. A Big Porch - or any other place with a nice view and some comfy chairs. One of my favorite "time with friends" memories was my bachelorette party. I'm just not a huge party/club/bar person, and thankfully my lovely Maid of Honor knew and respected that. We borrowed a friend's lake cabin and just spent the evening after my first shower hanging out, making and eating yummy food, drinking wine, telling stories, and doing a whole lot of laughing. It was glorious! The following morning was followed by more of the same (minus the wine because it just doesn't go well with chocolate chip pancakes!) and also included the addition of watching a great snow storm on the lake!

2. Helena Amphitheater Park - This is one of my favorite places to take visiting friends or family. It's a really great little park with a beautiful creek (you may remember this adventure!) located in a great part of Old Town Helena. It's a lovely place to walk and talk.

3. Melting Pot - Who doesn't love a big pot of cheese or chocolate?(Well, besides my vegan friends!) This one is especially fun for Girl's Night Out or a nice double date!

4. Fox Valley - This one is another local favorite. It's a little pricey so it's more of a special occasion place, but it's totally worth it. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is a little surprising, but in a very good way. I highly recommend the cheese soup and the Steak and Cake. And absolutely get desserts. (Notice that is plural!)

5. Donut Dates - Another favorite "friend time" memory was when my friends Betsy and Lauren and I all got to hang out early one Saturday morning. They had been out having fun the night before while I was on-call at the hospital, so I picked up donuts and we hung out on the couch, all slouchy and exhausted. We talked, we laughed, we watched youtube videos, and we enjoyed just being together and not having to go anywhere or do anything or try to impress each other. My only complaint is that it ended too soon!


  1. Oh yes...a large spacious porch. Someday I would love to have a home with such a place.

    Love, love, love "The Melting Pot".

  2. I misssssssss you. Can we please have a date soon?