Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 43

Wow! I can't believe how time is flying in regards to my 101 things list! Nothing new to officially cross off, but still some progress to report.

8 - This has moved up the priority list because our "fixed" burners are starting to go out on us again, and I refuse to let Jeff fix them again, it's beyond time to replace it. We are currently keeping our eye on one. It may have to be our Christmas gift to ourselves!

9 - This goes with number 8, although it's less of a priority. We'll see what happens and when!

10 - Good progress is being made here. It's just about emptied of boxes and junk, we're preparing to pull up carpet and rip out walls. The goal right now is to be done by Christmas.

40 - While I don't feel I can cross this off yet, I am making progress towards this. In the process of cleaning out I have given away several books, and as we start moving books back in (they are currently in the garage) I will sort and give away quite a few more.

63 - Looking forward to completing this one next Saturday at the BSC homecoming football game!

69 - I've got four out of six recorded. I'm thinking I'll save my last two for Christmas and Easter.

71 - While this hasn't become permanent, it's getting that way. I'm working more in the living room and less in the bedroom. Of course, now that it's getting cold and the bedroom is the warmest room, that may change!

101 - I've got a recipe for a juice jelly that I want to try. Now to actually do it...

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