Saturday, April 24, 2010

China Luck - Pinson, AL

China Luck is a little place over in Pinson that I found through my wonderful husband. He absolutely loves Chinese food and would probably eat it every day if given the chance (and I believe for a while in high school he came pretty close to doing just that!) Chinese is one of those foods that I will occasionally get a craving for, but for the most part can't eat all that often. I must say, I am a bit disappointed that this place is so far away because I really love it.

It's run by a very sweet husband and wife team. The dining room is always spotless, the service is usually very prompt, and the food is fresh and very tasty. I have only ever been for lunch, but I have been quite impressed with the lunch specials. For less than six dollars you get a bowl of soup, an egg roll, and a big plate of food. I am never able to finish mine (even with Jeff eating my egg roll!) The best part is that everything is always very fresh, especially the fried rice! My meal of choice is the sesame chicken with wonton soup. Yum... The sweet and sour chicken is also quite tasty. Part of me wants to try something different but it's tough when I know how fantastic these things are! Maybe one day I'll try the mongolian beef.

Although I am not a fan of spicy mustard, I must add that they do make their own "house recipe" spicy mustard. I can smell how spicy it is but can also tell it's more than just heat, it has good flavor. This is probably Jeff's absolute favorite part of this particular dining experience!

I really don't have any thoughts on ways they can improve because I have always been very pleased with everything from the quality and quantity of food to the speed of service and appearance overall of the whole establishment. If you are ever around the Pinson area I strongly suggest you stop in!

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