Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Favorite Things - p.13

Since Easter was Sunday (and the easter season is still in full swing) I thought I'd make a list of some of my favorite things about Easter.

Bunnies - I love bunny rabbits. I have ever since I was little. It probably goes back to my love of Beatrix Potter and the Peter Rabbit characters. I just love bunnies. I have a special place in my heart for the brown ones. Not the white ones that get pulled out of a magician's hat (although they can be cute too). The abundance of bunnies and bunny-themed decor this time of year excites me.
Pastel colors - Again you can blame this on my unsquelchable prissiness but I love the pastel colors associated with springtime. The green and yellow and blue and pink and purple just have a special place in my soul. And my home decor.

Buttercups - I love all kinds of spring flowers. But buttercups get special recognition because they seem to always be the first spring flower you see (except for dandelions, which I also secretly love). Plus they just have happy memories associated with them. And the yellow color is so cheery!
Candy - I don't know why it is I love Easter candy so much more than Christmas candy, but I do. Maybe because Christmas candy for me isn't any different, it just comes in different colored paper. But Easter candy is indeed special, at least in my experience. The giant chocolate bunnies and the marshmallow peeps and the jelly beans. Yes, I know you can probably get most of these things all year long, but it's just not the same. Russell Stover is my candy of choice for Easter just because that's what I grew up with and always made into baskets for my grandparents. The Cadbury mini eggs are always a favorite, but I can only ever find them at Easter!

Hunting Eggs - I love to hunt for Easter eggs. I love to hunt for anything. I don't know why. I just like stuff like that. It's exciting.

My Easter Basket - I never got a different easter basket every year. My brother and I both had nice wooden baskets that we used all throughout childhood. John's was just a little less sturdy than mine and in one rearrangement or move or something, his got broken. We were just about too old for easter baskets anyway, but it was still kind of sad. Thankfully mine survived and is now home with me. I've never seen another one like it. It's very sturdy, painted white, and decorated with little flowers. It's pretty big and it's beautiful. I never want to get rid of it!

So what are the things about Easter (or springtime) that make your heart go hippity-hop?

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