Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sugar Cookies

There are absolutely no redeeming health benefits to these cookies (unless of course you eat them with a glass of milk...). I found the recipe in high school and fell in love with them. I don't make them often because they make a TON and I don't need the temptation, but what the hey! For this occasion, I just cut the recipe in half, but I'm giving you the whole thing in case you need a zillion delicious cookies in your life.
Cream together 1 c. powdered sugar, 1 c. oil, 1 c. sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1 c. butter, 2 eggs.

Then sift in 4 1/2 c. four, 1 tsp. soda, 1 tsp. salt.

You're also supposed to add 1 tsp. cream of tarter but I accidentally left it out this time. The cookies came out fine, so if you don't have it don't sweat.

I added my dry stuff in 1/2 cup increments for a couple of reasons. Number one, it keeps the flour from flying everywhere and it gets incorporated more quickly. Number two, that's all my sifter will hold!
This is what the finished dough should look like. It'll be pretty thick and pull away from the sides a bit.

Roll the dough into small balls, the flatten slightly (unless you like your cookies a little on the thick side)

Sprinkle the tops with sugar. I used my pink sugar because I had it and it's springy!

Bake the cookies for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees. Don't let them get too brown. They'll need to cool for a few minutes.

Enjoy! They are very rich, but very tasty!

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